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Create NewAccount (No Credit Card Needed, you need to be 18 years or older)

You will need an account with APF Cyber Privacy Guard to start protecting your cyber privacy and digital assets. It can be done by clicking on “New Account” button on the login page of APF Guard. You will need to have 2 different email addresses and a phone number that can receive text, and have access to at lease one of email address when you sign up for a new account. It is recommended to do this from a computer you own or one you have personal account on.

Why two Email addresses? APF is designed to be a protector so security is paramount to us. Two Email addresses gives us the high confidence that we can better protect your account. You email could be compromised, and when that happens, perpetrator can gain control of your account if that is the only way we can communicate with you when your password or account setting being changed. However, It would be very difficult for someone to gain access to both of your emails at the same time and that is why we always send communications regarding your account to both of your email address, to give you the chance to catch the issue before terrible things could happen to you. The text message to the phone you registered with APF will be another way for us to verify you when the question about account ownership rise.

Please remember the email addresses and phone number you have on the record, and it is important that you update them as soon as you lose access to any one of them. You will need them if you forgot the password.

APF CP Guard Accoun Security Issue

1.      Password reset. If you forgot your password, you will have to follow the steps below to rest the password. You need to use APF CP Guard App from any computers you previously registered with us (those you can log in without being asked to receive a temprary token), and need to know the two email addresses you used in your profile, and have access to at least one of them within 24 hours or password reset request.

2.      If you are suspect your email may have been compromised, you should      
          a.  Protect your email account by reset its password
          b.  Log onto APF CP Guard App and verify that your account setting has NOT been changed.

3.      If you suspect your APF CP Guard account has been compromised, you should log on to your APF CP Guard App to reset your password  throght setting menu. 

APF CP Guard functional question

1.      Find the answer from the official APF Manual 

2.      Join the APF CP Guard forum and you may find your question has been asked and answered before.

3.      If you still have not find what you are looking for, ask the question in the APF CP Guard forum , someone will answer very soon.