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A Better Protection and A lot More: APF Information Protection and Access Control Solution(IPAC) and Encryption At Rest 2.0

A Protection never quits, even after the worst scenario, is not a dream anymore. IPAC make it reality with revolutionary Encryption at Rest (EAR) 2.0, encryption at individual file anytime anywhere. What it means to your business is that your valuable IPs are protected beyond you IT boundary and cyber security defense line.  

In a simplest term, with EAR 2.0, every file is being encrypted with algorithm of choice and individual key. The key is stored away from the file. When the file is being accessed, a quest for the key is sent to the IPAC by authenticated user through IPAC client. If the user is allowed to access the content of the file, the key will be sent to the IPAC client in encrypted channel, IPAC client then decrypt the file on the fly and open it in the application of user’s choice. This design get ride a few issues previously stopped encryption at rest being adapted.

  • No more complicated key management system Key is always and only associated with the particular file.
  • Authorization is done with user authentication that can be integrated with existing infrastructure
  • User based authentication makes real time individual file access control possible and flexible
  • User based authentication also makes access information traceable and auditable

Knowing the unknown

For companies that handle sensitive information or have valuable IP to protect, it is crucial to able to keep record of who accessed the information and when. Currently it is not possible now once the file has left the designated storage and downloaded to people's devices. IPAC changes all that and allow the record to connitue no matter where the file is. Evenytime the file is accessed, IPAC keeps record of who and when.


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