APF Technologies LLC, a cyber security company, announce the availability of APF information protection and access control solution (IPAC)

APF Technologies LLC, a cyber security company (https://www.apftechnoogy.com), is proud to announce the release of the industry's first-ever enterprise information security and access control solution. Inspired by recent hacking event that thread to shatter the democracy of this great country,  The APF protection and access control solution is design to protect the vital information from not only outside invasion by the hackers but also inside misuses, and  brings back the total confidence of information security. The centralized policy-based access control platform gives business full control of who can access what information and when, regardless of where the information is stored - no more unchecked trust. With the APF solution, the businesses are able to have unprecedented visibility of the information flow and access that allows them to further optimize the security infrastructure to focus on the most vulnerable places. While protecting confidential information at all times, APF does not add a burden to the employees doing daily work or slow down the information flow, and it works with most platforms and applications that would consume the information.

All inquires should be directed to contact@apftechnology.com