Benfits from IPAC

APF's IPAC solves real problems

Cases for selected industrials 

Protecting while Sharing

File shareing has never been this secure as all the files are being protecetd and access controlled through centralized policies, and yet still as easy as before

Encouraging Team Work 

IPAC has features like project groups to support and encourage group sharing and collaborations, while protecting the exchange of information 

Maintaining Individual Productivity

Intuitive UI flatten the learning curve, andthe centralized access decision making drive productivity and adaptation. With IPAC, there is no reason or excuses for anyone to have unprotected files on their laptop or storages, drastically reduce the opportunity to lose vita information or IP. 

Gaining Customer's Trust

IPAC lite client enable businesses to gain customers' trust by making sure all documents exchanged  are done securely and access to the files can be audited, with extra expansive infrastructure support. It add extra protection to ensure the documents is accessed by the right customer 


Return of Investment

IPAC  protects valuable IP from being stolen from inside and outside. It enables organization to institute enforceable centralized access control of information for better compliance with government regulations. Its protection of client's document from being accessed by other clients accidentally avoids cost of law suits and more importantly, reputation


User cases for Financial and Legal 

More on IPAC enables financial firms to enhance their security and compliance with regulation. Legal firms  can use IPAC to gain customer's trust by handling their information securely with auditable access record